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Eco-Friendly Gardening

As garden owners, we care about the health and quality of your yards. Your gardens are "pieces of Earth," and we want to help you take care of your piece of Earth in a green way.

Let's consider how some decisions impact your yard. Do you know someone who sprays toxic pesticides all over their lawn to fend off bugs and cicadas? Do you know people who would throw all your grass clippings into a truck to remove the yard waste?

Those pesticides, herbicides, and carcinogens harm your yard. They affect your plants' ability to absorb nutrients and live longer. They also require more energy and maintenance and prevent you from increasing your home's value.

By repurposing your yard waste, we can create a sustainable and eco-friendly solution that saves the bees and keeps unwanted pests at bay. Your leaves and twigs can be transformed into nourishment for your yard, which fosters a more balanced ecosystem and reduces harmful chemicals.

As garden waste decomposes, beneficial worms and insects return it to the nutrients plants need. By letting nature take care of your plants, you can ditch toxic chemicals, reduce maintenance, and increase the value of your home by 7-15%—all while taking an environmentally responsible approach to lawn care.

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