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Must-Have Gardening and Landscaping Tools

Soaker Hoses

If you use a garden hose to water your plants, up to 50% of the water may evaporate before the plant can use it. But there's a solution: adding soaker hoses to your must-have tools.

Soaker hoses use less water and provide a more efficient way to water your plants. You can also bury soaker hoses under the mulch. Under mulch, watering helps bring water where it's needed, at the plant roots.

We also recommend investing in quick connectors for your hoses, sprinklers, and attachments for speedy access. These hoses come in 25, 50, 75, and 100 feet varieties.

Soil Moisture Meter

We know all plants need a few key ingredients to thrive. Plants need to be planted in a proper location. They need light, clean air, eco-friendly nutrients, time, and water.

However, giving a plant too much water can harm it. We recommend using a Soil Moisture Meter to ensure your plant is getting the right amount of water. If your plant needs more water, it's a good idea to let it dry out before soaking it again.


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